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Portrait photography in Southern Maryland -Prince Frederick, Calvert County, Charles County, St. Mary's County, 

Event photography in Prince Frederick, Calvert County, Charles, County and St Mary's County


Sharon Shifflett Photography
​​Forever Memories      

 Portrait and Wedding Photography in Prince Frederick MD

My house is full of photos taken over the years, documenting my family's and friends' lives. Keeping forever the memories for us and for those who come after us..  When my grandchildren started to arrive and I switched to digital, there were a lot of missed moments and a large amount of pictures of the back of the grandchildren's heads, as the shutter delay on my point and shoot was too slow and the children were too fast.  I decided to get my first DSLR and became hooked (no shutter delay) and when all the things I was trying to capture, especially candid shots in low light, emotion and fun were at my fingertips, I found my passion.  For me "my passion" means to live, sleep, dream this wonderful world of photography.  Constantly reading, taking courses, attending seminars and to gobble up as much information as I can so that my work continues to evolve.  Most importantly, for my pictures to tell you the story, and for you to feel the emotions being conveyed.

My passion is capturing those special moments where you can see and feel the emotions portrayed.  You know, without words, what story is unfolding